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To play the videos, click on the Play button (looks like this: >) on the lower left hand side of the video screen.  A red progress bar will show how much of the video has downloaded.  If you have a slower connection, you may want to press the Play button once to start the download, and then once more to Pause it (it will now look like this: ll ).  Once it has finished downloading, you can play it uninterupted.  Please email me if you are having problems playing the video.

Emu Industry Promotional Videos, available here on DVD

The following three promotional videos were produced for emu farmers/producers to show at fairs, shows, class presentations, farm tours, etc. to inform their potential customers about the emu and its wonderful products. 
The three videos discuss the emu and a general over view of its products, emu meat, and emu oil.
On the DVD, there are three voice options to all of thes videos, including the default female voice that you hear here, an alternate female voice, and a male voice.  The DVD is interactive, with choices of which videos to play, and in which order.
Please feel free to tell me your comments about these videos by emailing me at .

Emu Industry Promo Video

This video is about the emu itself and  most of its products, including meat, oil, eggs, feathers, and leather.
Because cute emu chicks may not be the best way to sell meat and oil, there is also a version with the segment about the emu's life cycle edited out on the DVD.

Emu Meat Promo Video

This video talks about the taste and nutritional composition of emu meat, as well as how to cook it successfully.

Emu Oil Promo Video

This video is about emu oil and its different properties. 

Emu Chick Hatching

Some footage of the emu chicks hatching (February 2006), followed by their first trip outside, just a few days after hatching.

Some Non-emu Videos by
Alphabet Zoup Productions

Winds of Change: Susie and Katrina (2007)

Produced, Directed, Filmed, Edited, and Narrated by Alan Zansler

The story of the organization and building of Munholland United Methodist Church in Metairie, Louisiana, and how the church is helping rebuild the New Orleans area after Hurricane Katrina. Produced in honor of the church's 70th anniversary.

DVD available for purchase. Contact

The Birth of Mother : The Making of Mother Wit (2005)

Produced, Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Alan Zansler

The making-of documentary of the University of New Orleans Department of Drama and Communications' 2004 Spring Film, "Mother Wit." Film Clips courtesy of UNO Dept. of DRCM.