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I feel this documentary could be a very important promotional tool to the American emu industry, and there are several ways you can help make this film a reality! 
Email me at or just use the form below if you would like to help.

Donate Money

You can help by sponsoring a trip for the crew to visit farms, manufacturing facilities, and experts around the country. 
We have one more trip to go on around September 2006, and are currently putting together an itnerary and budget.  Please visit the "Store" page to make a donation.

Donate Emu Related Items

I am looking for the following items to film in my studio: full emu skeleton (photos that you have all rights to are OK), emu skins, emu leather products, emu toenails, etc. 
Thanks to Myra Charleston and Wayne Plauche for fresh eggs!
I am also looking for:
1) Drawings, engravings, photos, etc. that depict the emu in Australia in both  aboriginal and European settler society (e.g hunting)
2) Any antique pictures/engravings of the emu in a zoo - especially an American zoo. 
3) The emu displayed on any item - modern or antique.
Most of these items (with exception to the perishable items) can be returned.  Please contact me before sending anything!

Help me contact the experts

Many of you in the industry know the experts, and I need help in identifying and contacting these people for interviews.  I am looking for emu oil researchers, emu eggshell artists, emu meat chefs, ornithologists/vets specializing in emus, etc.

Emu egg and chicken egg
An emu egg equals about 10 chicken eggs!

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